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This represent our most ambition project up to date with the aim to create new short stories written by deaf children themselves. This project have been partnership with Frank Barnes School and House of Illustration, the stories the children have created in BSL to written English will be professionally illustrated with drawings to publish a book – a collection of short stories in written English. With the aim not only have publish book but to bring these stories to life in a digital BSL translation video with 3D characters which represent us the first in UK to bring those magical stories alive.  
Big D Collection Stories is a literacy project which includes Theatre and Art workshops in British Sign Language (BSL)
and English. Using our brand-new book and BSL digital video, we will work with a group of deaf children and encourage them to read
more books.

The workshops will be themed around the content of the story in the BSL video, which also includes voice-over and English subtitles. After watching the BSL video together, we will then complete various art and drama activities to explore the elements of the story. This project has been funded by the Arts Council England with support from House of Illustration and Medway Council Arts and Libraries Team.

We led a series of workshops with Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children in London where seven brand new stories
were created. These short stories have been illustrated, using the children’s art as the stimulus and a new book has been published.

Our BSL stories have been signed by Richard Carter – a poet – who brings these characters to life, along with some animation. This workshop will focus on stories created by deaf children being discussed and inspiring more deaf children that they too can create their own stories. We aim for the pupils to feel empowered by these stories that will foster an interest in literacy and develop vital skills in this area.

Steve Vevers-Webb
Artistic Director of D-Live! Theatre Company

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