BigD Stories

This represent our most ambition project up to date with the aim to create new short stories written by deaf children themselves. This project have been partnership with Frank Barnes School and House of Illustration, the stories the children have created in BSL to written English will be professionally illustrated with drawings to publish a book – a collection of short stories in written English. With the aim not only have publish book but to bring these stories to life in a digital BSL translation video with 3D characters which represent us the first in UK to bring those magical stories alive.  

Project development update

Coronavirus school 'lockdown'

Since this January we have been developing new stories with Frank Barnes School pupils for BigD Collection stories as children book. Sadly what with the coronavirus situation meant the school close for unforeseeable future, this meant we had to take action with our team to try preserve much of their work to be published. Our last day with Frank Barnes School on February we were able to take photos with the pupils involvement with the project and now we are in final phase with our fantastic book designer and illustrator Mark Barnes to make all those short stories to alive through their imaginations in the book ready for our next filming phase this summer.


Photograph by Rob Harris 


Funding announcement video