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Commission Digital Film Projects -

In summer 2021, we were commissioned by Derby Theatre to develop  a 10 - 15 minute short digital BSL film on the topic of Language Deprivation.  This is an important subject for the Deaf Community.  The idea was to extract one scene from the well-known play "Mountain Language" by Harold Pinter.   In the original play, it explores the brutality of a society that denies the right of  language to exist. 

In our interpretation, we took a fictional setting where BSL - British Sign Language - was being oppressed.  We interwove that in with the story of the current campaign - "Where's the Interpreter?" which is a response to the lack of in-person BSL Interpreters provided for the Government's Covid-19 live briefings. The film shows extracts from the play as well as a BSL explanation of this situation.  

You can watch the finished film below. 


In spring 2022, we were commissioned by  Icon Theatre & Theatre 31 to develop  a 10 - 15 minute short digital BSL film with a group of young deaf and hearing artists to show case their own work through themes, thoughts, discussion and views.

Where many young people facing isolation, grief and disruption to their education. In response this exciting digital theatre piece with young artists from The Thomas Aveling School and hearing peers had the opportunity to share their experiences and work at GlassBox Theatre in July 2022.

You can watch the finished film below. 


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