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Our provision service will focus on different range of Deaf-friendly workshops and training courses. We want to give more variety community theatre projects to get the community more involve in their own communties especially developing several strand projects of children stories using different tools to support Deaf children's literacy reading.



D-Live! are currently running an exciting literacy project for deaf children and have created a published book with 7 illustrated stories all written and created by deaf children from Frank Barnes School.  Also we have created animation video in British Sign Language of two of these stories.  


Part of the project is to visit schools in May to June 2021 and run a free literacy workshop with deaf children and then reveal to them that the book we are using in the workshops was created by deaf children just like them. We have education pack about the project and workshop. If your school is interested and would like us to send you education pack. Please do get in touch.

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BigD Collection Stories

What's On -

Our Biggest funding announcement up to date

This represent our most ambition project up to date with the aim to create new short stories written by deaf children themselves. This project have been partnership with Frank Barnes School and House of Illustration, the stories the children have created in BSL to written English will be professionally illustrated with drawings to publish a book – a collection of short stories in written English. With the aim not only have publish book but to bring these stories to life in a digital BSL translation video with 3D characters which represent us the first in UK to bring those magical stories alive.  


D-Live Big D Collection Stories @ Frank