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Our Community Projects 




In our Community work, we deliver a range of workshops, training courses and services.  All are Deaf-friendly with Deaf people at the core.  We do a lot of work with families that have deaf members as well as a range of projects for deaf young people. 


Literacy and a love of language is important for every deaf child.  Many of our school and community workshops are about promoting a love of literacy and language using art, theatre, film, media, BSL, storytelling and a range of techniques. 


Extraction Stories Vol.1

What's On -

D-Live! Theatre's successful funding project for Medway

We have successfully funded by ACE, Kent Community Foundation and Awards for All - Extraction Stories Vol.1 project  by expanding the concept from 2022 project using literacy, drama, art, illustration and animation/digital project for deaf young people (aged 12-16) in British Sign Language (BSL) to inspire and encourage literacy development using classic play Harold Pinter’s Mountain Language. We advocate and support  literacy development programme for deaf young people which is statistically lower than their hearing peers. 


Part of BSL film ‘Mountain Language’ will show explores the brutality of a society that denies the right of their language to exist. We’ll raise some issue from current Deaf’s people views in regards of their language, how they are percieved from today society.


The film and student will work with four different workshop faciliators and thier work will be premiered BUP! Festival in 2024 at Chatham Historic Dockyard where deaf children and their families in Medway will have direct experience through access of BSL language celebrating their work making unique festival.  

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