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Meet the team


Steven Vevers-Webb

Artistic Director

Steven had seen his work developed as an Actor, Director, Writer and

Workshop facilitator over the past twenty five  years. Graduated from

Reading University with a degree in theatre studies including Sign Theatre

lecturer in 2009. His acting credits goes back to Unicorn Children Theatre

“Spirit of the Clown’ 1996, Tandem Theatre ‘Mountain Language’ 2000

and many Deafinitely Theatre shows including ‘Children of Greater God

2005’ and Graeae Theatre 'Static' 2008' with TV Credits for Channel Four

‘Rush’ 2002 and BBC 2 ‘Switch’ 2003/04 series show. One of co-founders

Deafinitely Theatre along with Paula Garfield and Kate Furby. His

professional theatre-directing debut came in March 2004 with Dysfunction

at Oval House Theatre and later took it further development in his first role

as writer capacity turning into a full-length play at Soho Theatre in July 2006.

He returned to Deafinitely Theatre six years later, directing The Ritual 2012

and Mobile Phone 2013 show for National Theatre Connections.   


He co-foundered DRoots Theatre in March 2007 with David Ellington and

Jodee Mundy and directed 'Glovemaker and the Elves' 2009 and 'Damien'

2010 at Camden People Theatre. In 2010 Steven wrote Shotgun Wedding

, co-production with ALRA. Steven directed his last DRoots final theatre

production with D-Live! Cabaret Show at Royal Vauxhall Tavern in 2014,

which the name itself would later bear the name. ​Since then he have

directed different brand theatre shows with Cirque VV 2016, Cirque VV

Reinvente Show 2017. 'Scrooge' was the first full length live digital theatre

production at sold out show Camden People's Theatre 2018 and followed

in 2019 with 'Frozen Snow Queen'. For the past two years Steven wrote a

brand new deaf play 'Deaf Awakening' a recurring theme of discrimination,

system expulsion and cultural misappropriation works published  

which will be release early 2021.

Steven enjoys rock-climbing, exercising and travels if his children allows it

and going family holiday in Latvia with his wife's relatives. 


Andrew Revell

Digital Development Director

Andrew John Revell was born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and in 2000, he

graduated from Wolverhampton University with a degree in Computer Aided

Product Design BSc (Hons). Currently, Andrew lives in London with his partner

Leah with their two year old daughter Athena. Andrew is a freelance with

experience and management skills and works for various clients. To date, he

edited over 200 programs including The Hub, Wicked and Visual effects for

Secret Lab (BSL Zone), and BBC-Magic Hands series 1 and 3.


Andrew developed a passion for Computer-Generated Imagery (GCI) and

Visual effects (VFX) and at the moment, he is studying Autodesk Maya and

Foundry Nuke in his spare time. 


Andrew is currently working for D-Live! and is responsible for the visual effects

of D-live!'s digital theatres. He created a CGI for the Frozen Snow Queen video

plus a brief VFX and edited the ‘Scrooge’ in 2018. 'Scrooge' was his first digital

theatre show. 

Andrew is keen on scuba diving, snowboarding, exercising and going for

relaxing holidays in Cyprus at second home.

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