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Past Productions

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Deaf Awakenings is a brand new theatrical production explores in a series of monologues/dialogues/short scenes of Deaf world perspective in language, Deaf image, discrimination and cultural appropriation. 

This play have been written through following interviews where the writer have conducted through all age and gender deaf person about their views on their experience as a deaf person on wide variety of issues/experiences through their childhood years, family life, workplace, finding their identity and Sign Language.

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Frozen Snow Queen was our third collaboration integration 3D mapped digital set and presented our biggest and largest show up to date. This was adaption production of Hans Christen Andersen’s classic loved fairy-tale, a festive theatrical experience for deaf and hearing families to enjoy together.

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Scrooge was new, predominantly visual, adaption production of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, using the integration performance of 3D mapped digital set. The play draws on the genre with elderly miser who is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the three spirits  before it is too late for Scrooge.

Cirque VV Reinvente show will allow you plunge into a visual world of visual vernacular and physical theatre.Experience a wondrous world without sound that inspires you to use your own imaginative world. Integrating many difference substances of theatre techniques using distinctive styles making it a unique composition theater show. 

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This was D-live!'s first theatre production working with new visual theatre using difference substances theatre techniques and distinctive styles. Creating short fantasy stories in Visual Vernacular which also embodies in Cirque style.