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Deaf Awakening is a brand new written theatrical production which explores a Deaf world perspective, through a series of monologues, dialogues and short scenes. These scenes have been written based on experiences from a range of Deaf people who were all interviewed for the project.


This play is thought-provoking and not a traditional theatre written play which shines a light on the Deaf human experience of daily discrimination, ignorance and cultural misappropriation in a hearing dominant society. Also, it gives readers more awareness of the richness and beauty of the Deaf World.


The new written book also gives you the opportunity to scan and watch six British Sign Language video with two deaf performers Will Lewis and Alex Nowak which was created by a predominantly deaf production team, writer and director Steven Vevers-Webb and video editor Andrew Revell and Creative designer Chrissan Moldrich.

Deaf Awakening

SKU: 978-1-83853-974-0
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