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Our work


D-Live!'s productions are Deaf-led, ground-breaking and dynamic, combining varied theatre genres. Our work is one of a kind, integrating the physical expression of Visual Vernacular and digital technology. This results in a distinctive, unique and predominantly visual piece of theatre.



The company has two major strategic objectives: creating accessible innovate live digital theatrical productions for deaf audiences and promoting literacy development for deaf children and young people. D-Live! aims to widen the range of the Deaf theatregoer's experience, creating shows with a pioneering combination of Visual Vernacular, digital mapping and cabaret. We strive to explore different boundaries of theatre work, from new plays to contemporary classics to Live-Steaming productions. We design our productions for Deaf people, yet ensure they remain accessible to both Deaf and mainstream audiences. 


D-Live! helps to preserve and promote Deaf heritage, culture and identity. Our projects and workshops educate and entertain the Deaf community, ensuring our work is universally accessible using other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. 

Let's Create
Last year we have made and create many changes how D-Live! operate and works with new strategy plans. We have made a video 'Let's Create' with one of our amazing actor Alex Nowak explaining along D-live! recent funding from Arts Council England and our associateship with Queens Theatre Hornchurch