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First BSL Inclusive And Accessible Arts Festival in Medway
for Deaf Families

When translated in BSL, BUP! represents a lot of people coming together which echoes D-Live!'s ethos and commitment to establishing accessibility for all; this will be an overarching theme for the festival.

BUP! Festival programme is aimed to encourage and promote literacy amongst Deaf children and their families. At school, the majority of Deaf children are behind their hearing peers when it comes to language development and enjoyment of reading. The aim of the festival is to positively counteract this with a specialised programme including storytelling, art activities, film and performance to encourage improved literacy for Deaf children.

BUP! Festival will benefit Deaf children and their families in Kent and will provide them with a direct festival experience in BSL. 90% of deaf children have hearing parents and many have never met a deaf adult in their lives; BUP! Festival will provide an opportunity for audiences and Deaf children to see positive Deaf adult role models.

BUP! programme web_edited.jpg
BUP! programme web_edited.jpg

Steven Vevers-Webb, D-Live! Artistic Director and co-founder of BUP! Festival, comments, "We're so excited to be bringing the BUP! Festival to Medway. This is the first collaborative partnership between D-live! Theatre and SEE and CREATE. This is an inclusive family-friendly event with workshops and performances in British Sign Language and English. We're passionate about deaf children and their families being able to go to Festivals without any language barriers or access needs. The BUP! Festival is for families with a deaf person or child in them. Come along as a family and enjoy storytelling workshops, arts events, watch a performance and be amongst other families. As a co-founder BUP! Festival and Deaf father of two children, I am excited to bring this Festival to Medway. We are already in the discussion stage for this first of many festivals starting with another BUP! Festival in two years' time with an expansion festival programme around Medway. Look forward to seeing you there. Spread the sign!"

Photography by Nikki Price

Christopher Sacre, director of SEE and CREATE and co-founder of BUP! Festival, commented, "I'm delighted that BUP! Festival has arrived in Medway. As the director of SEE and CREATE I'm passionate about all creative events becoming BSL inclusive and accessible for all, and for deaf people to truly be placed on an equal footing with others. This will be a starting point for a future where current and emerging deaf creative talents are recognised and celebrated in Medway and beyond. I look forward to BUP! Festival being a great fun-filled event, and a celebration of inclusivity which will become an established part of Medway's cultural scene and an inspiration for all to put equality and inclusion front and centre"

BUP! programme web_edited.jpg
BUP! programme web_edited.jpg

BUP! Festival Programme 

BUP! programme web_edited.jpg
BUP! Cinema_Stall_edited.jpg

Thanks goes to supporters making this festival happen

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See you in 2024

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