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Join us on our amazing journey

Since 2018, we've led the BigD Collection Key stage 2 (8-11) & Extraction Stories project key stage 3 (12-14) Using art, drama & media platforms where deaf children created their own stories in BSL and English then published as a book and BSL video. BigD Collections Stories was the first concept to create new book of stories created by deaf children, we've then gone on to deliver literacy workshops across other schools with deaf children to promote literacy to them using stories created by deaf children just like them. 


Many of the young Deaf people in mainstream schools have not met deaf adults as over 90% of deaf children are born into hearing families. We want them to see Deaf adults working creatively to inspire them for the future.

This was the fundamentally for D-Live! to provide deaf adult role models in a variety of professionals. 

We from D-Live! Theatre team took Extraction Stories Vol.1 project in a new direction with series of workshop at Thomas Aveling School.


This was new literacy project for deaf young people.  We translated five famous classic English texts in to British Sign Language and then led workshops on the text and meanings with deaf young people.  This work was funded by the Ragdoll Foundation.  


We visited Eastbury School and Thomas Aveling School and worked with over 25 deaf children/young people.   This was the first time we've done Extraction Stories and we are keen to do more in the future.  It compliments our other literacy project - BigD Collection Stories for younger deaf children.  

Past Projects

Big Dreams A6.jpg

Big Dreams is aproject Big Dreams commissioned by Theatre31, Icon Theatre’s youth programme. Since March 2020, the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic have been felt across the UK with many young people facing isolation, grief and disruption to their education.


In response D-Live! are working in collaboration with Theatre31 on this exciting digital theatre piece with young artists from The Thomas Aveling School, giving deaf students a chance to share their experiences of the pandemic.

D-Live Big D Collection Stories Facebook banner-2.jpg

Big D Collection Stories is a literacy project which includes Theatre and Art workshops in British Sign Language (BSL) and English. Using our brand-new book and BSL digital video, we will work with a group of deaf children and encourage them to read more books. 

This project has been funded by the Arts Council England with support from House of Illustration and Medway Council Arts and Libraries Team.

BigD FB banner 19.jpg
Robin Hood & Little Red Hood

This project was D-Live!’s second children BigDstories workshop and funded by Awards For All. The main objective of the project was to engage and encourage more Deaf children get activate and involve with English literature stories.


The project model structure successfully delivered to six schools across in UK. Working with theatre/art/English literacy tools and digital in UK. This also was our second collaboration with  Mess Room.

BigD Stories FB banner-01.png
Jungle Book & Bad Dad

This project was D-Live!’s first families and children BigDstories workshop. The main objective of the project was to engage and encourage more Deaf children get activate and involve with English literature stories. The project itself was the first kind to involve with theatre/art/English literacy tools and digital in UK.


This gave us the opportunity to work and collaborate with Mess Room where we had same common ground & goal to see families to take part of Deaf friendly accessible event by bringing communities together.

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