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Theatre and Workshop Hire

We receive requests to perform at various events.  Below is some information that we hope will help in the planning of your event. 

1.1 Pricing Cost

Our cost are specifically designed to meet your needs. However, we assess each request on an individual basis, where necessary taking into account your requirements and financial resources.

1.2 Cost

The overall cost depends on the length of the show, how many performers or crew would be required.  Each request is assessed on a job-by-job basis.  We will add 15% overheads for additional expenses and administration to the fee.  This also applies to workshops.  Please conact us to discuss further. 

1.3 Are there other costs?

Depending on the show's location, there may be a fee for travel, accommodation, meal allowances.  This can be discussed on a job-by-job basis. We will charge 10% profits margin on top of the total fee; - this only applies to profit making/business organisation. For those who are not in profit organisations (Charity/community bodies & fundraising) will not be charged this additional fee.

1.4  Workshop requirements

We have costxs for workshop leader/facilitator with a half or full day fee.
Often we require materials such as paper and pens/colouring and writing pencils, occasionally we may need other resource depending the nature of workshop itself. If you cannot provide these materials, we will do our best to help. Please contact us to discuss further. 
To enquire about our pricing and rates, please contact us
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