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D-Live! Theatre Company was set up by Steven Vevers-Webb with Joseph Collins in late 2015 with the aim to provide more Deaf-led work. Steve had been frustrated with the very few opporuntiies for Deaf poeple to lead their own creative work and established D-Live! to encourage more theatre productions created by Deaf people for Deaf and hearing audiences. 





  • Steven Vevers-Webb with Joesph Collins established D-Live! Theatre Company one year after both produced a hugely popular D-Live! Cabaret Tour Show in 2014.

BDA Variety hands of Show.jpg


  • D-Live! first short VV sketch show was performed at British Deaf Association's 125th Anniversary celebration at Amensty International UK in London in February 2016.

Cirque VV  -  The Bedford & tour -

                        D-live!'s first small scale theatre sketch goes on tour around UK


Cirque VV Reinvente  -  The Bedford & National tour  

Clin d'Oeil -   D-Live! theatre's Cirque VV show was the first representative of

                        Deaf British company to perform in Reims, France festival. 



Jack 0'Kent  -  Oval House Theatre  

collaboration to develop the new concept of a digital projection mapping set.

  • D-Live! first BigD project is formed to provide school workshop across UK to provide theatre and art workshops for Deaf children in schools to encourage literacy reading and attain new skills.

Scrooge -  Camden People's Theatre & tour  

- D-Live!'s first theatre production and festive tour and first Deaf's theatre fully fledged digital live- theatre 

- New adaption of Ibsen's Peer Gynt.  This showcase was the first 



Frozen Snow Queen  - Canada Water Theatre & National tour  

  • D-Live!'s BigD collection stories is most ambition and first 2 years project of any kind in UK to work with Frank Barnes School pupils to develop a new children short stories publishing book which will be taken across UK mainstream school.

Will 09_edited.jpg


Deaf Awakening  -  Camden People Theatre  - Cancelled due Covid-19 pandemic  

  • Deaf Awakening is a brand new play, written by Steve Vevers-Webb.  We published the play’s English script in a book containing QR codes with links to then watch BSL films of specific scenes/monologues from the play. This was the first time we had attempted this. This was a change due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • D-Live!'s BigD collection stories book is published.

  • Two BSL films of stories from the book are shared

  • Workshops in schools nationally to promote this project.

  • D-Live!'s theatre company continues to develop digital work with commission from Derby Theatre

  • Extraction Stories - 5 BSL films created, Language Deprivation - BSL film completed and Anja - R&D achieved.


Scrooge -  Derby Theatre & National tour   

  • D-Live!'s theatre company continues to develop digital work with commission from Icon Theatre & Theatre 31 'Big Dreams' 

  • Two Research development project takes place with collaborating Fingersmith Theatre with Anja

  • BUP! Festival takes place in Medway first ever BSL led families inclusive festival  


  • Extraction Stories Project are funded to work Medway school's projects for BUP! Festival 2024 

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