Finding a Deaf world in perspective 

Deaf Awakening is a brand new theatrical production explores in a series of monologues/dialogues/short scenes of Deaf world perspective in language, Deaf image, discrimination and cultural appropriation. 

This play aim to educate the public about the recurring theme of daily discrimination, system expulsion, ignorance and cultural misappropriation where a Deaf person find themselves in a dominant environment culture however this also raise awareness of the beauty of Deaf culture and to try appreciate Deaf community more. 

This play have been written through following interviews where the writer have conducted through all age and gender deaf person about their views on their experience as a deaf person on wide variety of issues/experiences through their childhood years, family life, workplace, finding their identity and Sign Language.

Sadly we have to inform you what with the coronavirus circumstances, we were inform by Camden People’s Theatre have decided to close their theatre. This meant we had to quickly take action with our team to try somehow work our way around to this unforeseeable situation by securing support and space with Queen’s Theatre this summer, the intention is to film the work for the publishing book. More update information will be announce soon. 






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